Hello there, in this space you will find the best Scooters Electrics to be able to move to your work, school, or just for fun.

The Scooters Electrics are no longer a novelty, since a few years have already been incorporated into our way of life, and not only do we find these if not electric bicycles, electric skates, hoverboards, etc.

The electric scooter for sale has been shot in these years and there are many brands of cars that incorporate in the sale of their vehicles.

The Scooter electrics are bought by all people of all ages as it is an ecological means, which occupies little space and saves you money on transportation.

Electric Scooter Amazon

That’s right, the Scooters Electrics can be found in different stores like doing a Google search like “electric scooter Walmart”, but surely it will be in Amazon one of the big chains in which we can buy the electric scooter, in addition to find the best prices they also send to your home.


SWAGTRON City Commuter Electric Scooter

• Scooter Weight: 27.5 lbs / 12.5 KG
• Dimensions: 41.7x17x19.3 in / 106x43x49 cm (folded), 41.5x17x44.3 in / 106x43x112.5 cm (unfolded)
• Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Tubeless Rubber Tires
• Brakes: Disc Brakes
• Motor: 250W Front Hub Motor
• Riding Modes: 3 Gears, Cruise Control
• Connectivity: iOS and Android App
• Speed: 18 mph / 29 km/h
• Mile Range: 6~12 mi / 9.6~19.3 km
• Climbing Capacity: 20˚
• Charge Time: ≤ 3.5 hours
• Accessories: Bell, Headlight, Phone Mount, Kickstand

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Electric Scooter Razor

This is one of the most sought-after brands and purchased on Scooter Electric for both children and adults.

Razor 13013205 A5

Razor 13013205 A5


• Maximum: 100 kg.
• Age: 8+
• Available colors: Black, Silver
• Weight: 5.9 kg
• Dimensions: 104 cm long x 90 cm wide x 53.4 cm high
• Rear fender brake
• 8 «tires with PSI of 60 absorbe-impacts
• Extra long base of 14.4 »
• Adjustable height handlebar
• Retractable foot
• Easy to fold and transport
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Scooters Electrics with seat

The Electric scooter with seat, are one of the most sought in the trade, because it gives us the possibility to go in a seated or in its defect to remove the seat to go standing.
You can find them in version for both children and adults.

GYMAX Electric Scooter with seat

GYMAX Electric Scooter with seat


• Max Speed Limit: 15.5 mph
• Travel Range: 10.5- 12.5 miles
• Max Climbing Limit: 15 Degree
• Max Load: 221 lbs
• Net Weight: 31lbs
• Charging Time: 4-6 hours
• Motor Power: 250W
• Battery: Lithium-ion, 5.2 Ah, 36 V
• Power Requirement: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz
• Size (Fold): 43» x 15» x 6» (L x W x H)
• Size (Unfold): 39» x 18» x 43» (L x W x H)

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Electric Scooter for Kids

Another of the most searched by parents are the Electric scooter for kids, as these are what most prefer children as gifts.
The difference that electric scooter for kids have against the electric scooter for adults is its speed, since these have the lowest speed, besides that the height of the handlebar cannot be regulated in both height, small wheels, and the weight that can withstand, a maximum of 70kg.

VIRO Rides VR 550E Rechargeable Electric Scooter

for Kids


• Power: Electric
• Top Speed: 10 mph
• Motor Output: 100W
• Range: 6 miles
• Battery Type: 12 V 7Ah Rechargeable SLA
• Recommended Weight Limit: 120 lbs.

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Electric Scooter Bird

Electric Scooter Bird

The rental of electric scooters is increasing and there are many brands that we have seen, whether in Europe that in America (you can visit our Instagram to see them) that have already launched this type of business.
One of them is electric scooter bird, this is an electric scooter rental
Ideal for moving around the city and avoiding you from buying one.
Especially, if you are a tourist, and want to move fast, renting one of these Electric Scooter for little money, you can do it.

We answer some of your questions about Scooters Electrics

Now we will give you some answers to the most frequently asked questions by Internet users.

Which electric scooter is best

Surely by price and features we could say that the Xiaomi is one of our favorites.

Where to buy Scooters Electrics

On our website you will find the most varied electric scooters and you can buy them at the best prices.

Which electric scooter for adults

Here you will find the best Scooters Electrics for adults, either for their speed or for distances traveled.

Where to charge electric scooter

To the answer where the electric skids are loaded, we can tell you that all of them when you buy it you will find inside the box a charger, this is enough to connect it to your home’s electrical network and that’s it.
The number of hours is depends on the battery and what each manufacturer advises.

Why you should buy an electric scooter

Because Electrics Scooters are easy to transport, do not pollute, save money, occupy little space, avoid getting sweaty to your job interview, you will move quickly avoiding traffic and many more things

Scooter Electric Xiaomi m365

scooter electric xiaomi m365


• Speed: 25 Km/hora
• Autonomy with a full charge: 30 kilómetros.
• Approximate weight: 12,5 kilos.
• Brake: ABS o frenada regenerativa.
• Battery: LG 18650.
• Lights: Delantera y trasera.
• Supports water.
• Folding.
• Power 280W.
• Indicator battery charge status.
• Bluetooth.
• Wheels: 8 1/2 standard – Inflables.

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Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

Glion Dolly Foldable

Scooters Electrics Specifications:

• Maximum rider weight: 255 lbs/115 kg
• Weight (with battery): 28 lbs/12 kg
• Top speed: 15 mph/25Kmh
• Range per charge: 15 miles/25 km
• Motor: 250W (Peak 600 w) brushless, gearless electric hub motor
• Battery: LG Lithium Ion 36 V, 7.8 Ah
• Battery charge time: 2 hours 75%, 3.5 hours 100%
• Battery cycle life: 1000+ cycles (3-5 years)
• Frame: 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy (powder-coated)
• Tires: 8-inch honeycomb never-flat tires
• Ultra-portable: patented vertical self-standing dolly feature
• Folding: 1-second foot actuated folding/unfolding
• Size folded: 36x16x8 inches/92x20x30 cm
• Additional features: charger, headlight, rear reflector and pedestrian bell included.
• Scooter cover sold separately.

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ESWING Kick Adult Electric Scooter

ESWING Kick Adult Scooter Electric Scooter


• Adult Electric Scooter
• Max Load: >220.5 pounds(100kg)
• Specification:36.2×15.9×39.4in,
• Max Load: >220.5 pounds(100kg)
• Brake: electronic brake, foot brake
• Max.Speed: 15.5 MPH,(9.32MPH/15.5 MPH adjustable speed)
• Armrest height adjustment: 800MM/1100MM
• Certification: CE, UL Adapter
• Rainproof and dustproof level IP54

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Scooters Electrics GOTRAX GXL

Gotrax GXL


• Tires made for commuting 8.5″
• 250W Motor & 36V Battery for increased speed and riding distance
Portable Design
• Speed settings Use 1st gear for comforatable 10mph ride, or kick it into second gear and get teh full 15mph esperience
• Shock-Absorbing tires for a Smoother Ride
• Front And Rear Double Braking System

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QIEWA Q1Hummer 800Watts Electric Scooter

Scooter electrics Qiewa Q1 Hummer 800watts
• Motor Power: 800Watts
• Max Drive Distance:100km
• Max Driving Speed: 55KPH
• Battery: 26Ah 5C 18650 lithium battery
• USB mobile phone charging function
• dual shock absorber
• 2Second Quick-Folding
• IP65 waterproof
• Anti the warning
• Double Disk brakes
• Brake light
• Tire:10 inches pneumatic tire
• Max Load Weight: 550lbs

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